Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO) need the ability to acquire reliable, functional, and cost-effective toolsets for critical missions. Now more than ever, war fighters and clandestine operators need the ability to conduct full spectrum cyber operations against adversaries to maintain situational awareness against ongoing threats. Dark Circuit Labs specializes in providing cyber warfighting options meant to deter aggression by placing cyber toolsets into the hands of those that need them. Our team has expertise in providing offensive implants across a number of platforms, from iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Far too often, implants are inadvertently burned within operations due to adversarial discovery. When this happens, millions of dollars of equity can be rendered useless to our operators. Dark Circuit Labs strives to provide precision implants that meet mission goals at a cost that doesn’t prohibit additional missions upon the discovery of an implant currently in use.

Dark Circuit Labs does extensive testing to ensure the resiliency of our implants. Our solutions follow best software development practices to include proper documentation as well as added support for success. Through a collaborative relationship with our end users, we customize products as necessary for operations while providing best cost to our clients by removing unnecessary components and engineering efforts. Utilizing Agile methodologies for every component, our team of expert developers work in conjunction with the customer oversight team to design, implement, and deploy a solution that works for them. Our Sprint cycles allow for quick development and customer feedback during each iteration of the development lifecycle. This allows product refinement as development progresses.  


Our professional team will make sure the handoff between our products and integration is done efficiently and correctly with transition teams, with our developers ready to answer any questions customers may have.