Our Capabilities

Providing tools for the United States’ cyber arsenal.


Dark Circuit Labs offers modular implants with in memory loaders on all of the most popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and iOS. All implants are made to order and come with anti-reverse engineering, stealth, and data collection techniques. In addition, any custom features can be implemented to meet operational requirements.

Hypervisor Development

Dark Circuit Labs has expertise developing thin hypervisors capable of running seamlessly under operating systems. This opens up new collection and monitoring methods not available to existing user space or kernel space privilege levels. Our hypervisors are developed with the intention to deliver unfettered access and protection to devices allowing for full system introspection. Lastly, because of the privilege level maintained by our hypervisors they are dramatically harder to detect by Personal Security Products (PSPs) allowing for increased stealth.

Vulnerability Research

Dark Circuit Labs has experienced vulnerability researchers who are capable of reverse engineering closed source binaries with a variety of techniques in order to discover 0day vulnerabilities for clients. Our reverse engineers have experience working across various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows to name a few. We work with our clients to identify security vulnerabilities and detail security implementations across a variety of platforms and products.